Site Administration - Content Management Consoles with Enhanced Functionality

Managing vital content on a website requires the presence of a rock-solid back-end and administration system. The joomla administration feature enables users to handle their data with plugins that include navigation, performance, reports, styling, menu manager and loads of other extensions. We, at BestJoomlaSupport customize the joomla administrator for complete site administration with strong password generators, 2 factor authentication, continuous site backups, and automated intrusion detection settings, latest security patches and upgrades and lots more.

Our expert joomla designers know the value of mission critical data on your website; this is where we use the joomla administrator to provide site access with authentication management, email authentication, login redirects, content protection, authentication bridges, IP blocking and lots more. Joomla security also delivers regular backup of site data, captcha authentication, site protection, password management, spam protection and site monitoring.