Comprehensive Support for Your Joomla Websites

If you a have Joomla website, BestJoomlaSupport can manage it for you. We extend our Joomla Support services to users and clients who already have site designed in Joomla but do not have the time to manage it, or they want a complete overhaul of their existing site done from us. Global branding requires collaboration and communication platforms to be clean and transparent, our joomla expertise has complete knowledge of each industrial functional domain, and with complete understanding of client and business needs we deliver the most appropriate solutions that garner higher brand presence.

We offer Joomla Support in the following areas:

Bug Fixes

If your site is experiencing design issues, our team of designers and developers will rectify the errors in your website.

Our developers are here to help fix the following site issues for you.

  • CSS Errors
  • Extension Installation Errors
  • JavaScript Conflicts
  • Redirect Errors

Malware Attacks

If your website is attacked or affected with Malware, our team will assist you in removing them and restoring your website to normalcy in the least amount of time.

We remove malwares by,

  • Using special tools to detect malware in your Joomla Website
  • Checking reputation of a website or blog
  • Health Check Tools
  • Manual Cleanup of Malware

Site Optimization for SEO

With so many modules, plugins and extensions in the joomla framework, it is hard to keep the site optimized for performance and search results. Running complex scripts and style sheets decreases the site performance in terms of loading and access time. This could lead to lower site rankings and visitors as well.

Our team of experts are well versed with various SEO rules and regulations and comply with them to deliver a boost for your website.

We optimize your website by,

  • Optimizing Page loading capabilities
  • Checking CSS and JS Issues
  • Optimizing Images
  • Using Content Delivery Network
  • Optimize Browser Caching
  • Decreasing Bounce Rate
  • Increasing Site Visitors

Site Maintenance with Minor Improvements

Joomla with its immense framework, plugins, and extensions tends to decrease the performance of the site. With minor tweaks in design and code your site can be optimized for better performance. BestJoomlaSupport offers maintenance and improvement services for site optimization.

Our joomla improvement services include,

  • Hand coded and Optimized Services
  • Achieving W3C standards
  • Making your site search engine optimized
  • Spam, Malware and Virus Detection and Removal
  • Improving Media Library Performance