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Brochure Websites

If you have a small-to-medium sized business and want to showcase what you do in the most simplistic manner, then Brochure Websites are the best platforms for you and your business. A brochure ware site is the most profitable option to drive sales and pull in more traffic for a small-to-medium size venture. It mainly focuses on important information like products and services that is visible to the visitor. This information can be used by individuals or organizations to get in touch with the owner of the business and deliver a clear and strong call to action.

Big things come in small packages

At BJS, we use the latest technology to design simple, aesthetic and functional brochure websites. All you need to do is get us a snapshot of your brochure and we will convert it into a fully digital product. The technology we use at BJS gives clients the leverage to add more pages into their site if and when required. For a quick glance at what a brochure would encapsulate, it would be the- homepage, about us page, information about products and services, promotions and events, news, picture gallery, contact us ,etc.

We design brochure websites on an easy to use content management system by which we give you- our clients, the control of your site to edit and make any necessary changes in the site as and when required. Our web design experts use fully compliant technology, with cross-browser support as well as a search engine optimized site, analytics & reporting. Our designing process also includes social media integration on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc, thus if you are socially active then we can integrate and implement your social profiles on your website.


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