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The hospitality business has become very competitive all over the globe as millions of people travel for vacations or even work and thus, they need a place to hold up. Every hotel business needs to set itself apart from the rest and earn a strong customer base as well as boost client loyalty. Branding all the aspects of this service industry is imperative as each aspect works as a single unit.

Generosity That Draws Attention

Branding with hotel websites is the most effective channel that guarantees more sales, attracts more traffic from the web and makes a first great impression within minutes. At BJS, we create bespoke designs that carry the right message across. We make sure your digital solution perfectly fits your rich hospitality experience. Working with the best talent in the hospitality business, we have in-depth experience in customized hotel website development. We certainly know when visitors stopover by your site, it has to send the right message across and be simple, yet functional.

Our dynamic interactive designs & technology delivers the best user experience to amplify online sales, build loyalty and garner greater sales revenue. With real-time analytics and reports, hospitality owners can edit, manage and keep track of their business and witness a proven Return on Investment(ROI).When we design and develop hotel websites for you, we go beyond basic thinking and deliver rich content, intuitive UI, third party integrations for social media, blog features and a completely responsive design that fits any mobile device.

Premium hospitality designing sets you apart from the rest, passion for design and development at BJS speaks volumes about your brand and builds trust amongst your esteemed clientele. As each and every site is search engine optimized, it will always rank front and centre on search engines. Third party social extensions embedded on your website increase presence generating more traffic towards your business.

BJS is a premiere design & development studio for B & B's, hotels & inns. If you have a hospitality business and wish to expand it with holistic hospitality digital solutions over the web, then we are the right team for you.


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