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Visual media such as photography is a profession for some and hobby for others. Photographers need to showcase their talent on the web so that visitors can appreciate their work. For professional photographers photography websites are tools to garner greater web presence by creating a strong portfolio. These sites also serve as informational channels for photography enthusiasts to know more about the finer nuances of photography.

Digitize your art of observation

Our bunch at BJS has been working with the best photographers to create websites that clearly communicate with the world audience. We also design and develop photography sites for clients who want to upload pictures as stock photos and sell them. With a large database these sites are quite complex, thus we take care of each and every aspect of functionality. Photography websites that are created to sell photos are integrated with a state of the art search algorithm to find images from a vast database of various categories as well as integrating the most secured payment gateway for hassle-free transactions over the web.

Our design methodology includes brainstorming interactions with photographers on their specific needs and requirements. All our sites are designed with a content management system that makes it all the more easier for our clients to manage their websites in terms of editing profiles, adding photos and pages, changing the design, etc.

All the sites that we have designed are optimized for search engine rankings, we also respond to responsive making all our sites highly adaptable to any mobile device and browsing platform. If you are a photographer and wish the world to see from your perspective and brand your work then BJS is the place to be.


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